This tutorial will go through the steps of Assigning Channel Admins for your users inside of Ventrilo.

  1. Connect to your server.      (How to connect to your server)

  2. Login as Ventrilo administrator.      (How to login as admin)

  3. Bring up the "User Editor" window
    • Right click anywhere in the white space in the main Ventrilo screen to open up the menu.
    • Navigate down to "Server Admin"
    • Click on "User Editor"

    Open channel user editor window

  4. Click the user you want to give Channel Admin to
    This assumes that you already have a Username created for the person you want to assign channel admin to. If you do not have a user created yet you can check our other Ventrilo tutorials and come back to this step once you have done so.

    click username

  5. Click the "Chan Admin" tab

    click channel admin tab

  6. Add the channels to Current side
    • Click the Channel you want to give admin to
    • Click the "Add Button"
    • Repeat this proccess if you would like to give admin to multiple channels

    add channels to current

  7. Update the User
    Click the update button in the bottom right to finalize the settings for the user.