Here is a list of things that can help when trying to adjust your microphone settings.

  1. Be sure your windows microphone sound is muted or you will hear your own voice echoing in your own speakers.

  2. Click, Start, All programs, accessories, entertainment, volume control.

  3. You can also open the volume control window by double clicking the little speaker icon on the bottom right of the windows desktop

  4. In the volume control window be sure that your microphone mute check box is checked.

  5. Sometime the microphone will not show in the volume control window, open the menu "Options" click "Proprieties" and select the microphone in the list.

  6. You can adjust your recording sound volume in your window control panel.

  7. Click, Start, control Panel, Sound & audio devices and go in the tab Voice.

  8. Click the "Volume..." button under the recording section, and adjust your microphone input volume and be sure that the Select box under Microphone is selected and nothing else.

  9. You can as well if needed disable or enable the microphone boost, click the "Advanced" button under the microphone volume bar and you will have another window with a microphone boost check box.