Secondary Server

Will my secondary server be online all the time?

Only one server will be online at one point in time. The Primary or the secondary server.

Does any other host offer this feature?

Not that we know of.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Secondary Server?

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Click "Manage Server" under your Ventrilo server.
  3. Click "Secondary Server".

The form on this page will show you how much it would be to upgrade. If the calculated pro-rated upgrade price is under $1.00 you can upgrade for free and will not be charged until the next billing period.

What is my secondary server IP and Port?

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Click "Manage Server" under your Ventrilo server.
  3. Click "Secondary Server".

You will see your secondary server IP and Port information.

Will my secondary server's IP and Port change?

No. It will remain the same unless you change your Primary servers location.

Why should I order Premium?

The internet in general can have different issues that may affect the performance of your server. Because no company can control or guarantee the entire internet's performance the Secondary Server gives you the option to have a secondary server ready to be activated at anytime you choose right from your control panel. Pretend you have a World of Warcraft Raid scheduled and your friends from California cannot connect to your Primary server because of a routing issue with his Internet Service Provider. With the Secondary Server you can have all of your teammates connect to a separate server in another location to eliminate the issue and continue the evening.

So if you've got an important raid coming up, and there is some internet routing issues preventing you from accessing your server. You click that button and it will fail over to another location immediately. Where you can resume chatting with your friends. Rather than having to wait for the issues to be resolved.

Will I see something new in my Ventrilo server?

No your current server will remain exactly the same. The secondary server is completely separate.

Will the changes I make on my secondary server be ported to my primary server?

No all changes made while using your secondary ventrilo server will not be proted to your primary but all changes made on the primary server are ported hourly to your secondary server.

If I have a custom hostname will it redirect to my secondary server?

No. Because there is a delay with DNS we direct the custom hostname to the primary server always. We are currently working on a solution to this issue.