If you hear poeple breaking up when they talk and/or poeple reporting that your voice is breaking up, there are a lot of different causes and solutions possible.

  1. If you can hear your friends without problems, but they report to you that your voice is breaking up:

    1. It can be related to your microphone sensivity setting, if you are not using the push to talk button and the sensivity is not set properly it can register parts of your discussion only.

    2. In the ventrilo setup try lowering your sensivity.

  2. In some cases the problem can be caused by a broken microphone wire.

    1. Open Teamspeak, open the "Settings -> Input/output" menu and click local test mode.

    2. Move your microphone wire while talking and see if your voice is breaking up more when shaking the wire.

    3. If your voice break up when moving the microphone wire, there is an high possibility that your wire is broken and a new microphone is needed

  3. Another commun cause is a too high cpu load caused by other running programs

    1. see: How to fix laggy sound when in game.