You and your friends will enjoy voice communication using the Ventrilo software. Here are a few questions and answers related to using Ventrilo with Ever Quest or any application.

Is Ventrilo related to Ever Quest?

Simply put, no. The Ventrilo program is not related to anything inside the Ever Quest game. You can run Ventrilo anytime you desire, you can run it playing Ever Quest, and you could just run it and talk with your friends from Ever Quest. Ventrilo is its completely seperate and indepdent program just like anything else you would run on your computer.

What do I need to use Ventrilo with Ever Quest?

  1. Microphone and speakers(headset prefered) connected to your computer. More ...
  2. A Ventrilo Server to connect to. More ...
  3. You will need to have downloaded and installed the Ventrilo Client program to your computer. More ...

How do I use Ventrilo with Ever Quest?

  1. Install Ventrilo and connect to your friend's server
  2. Join a channel in Ventrilo where your friends are talking. (Double Click on the channel to join)
  3. Open your Ever Quest game as you normaly do, but keep the Ventrilo program running, you can minimize it if you like or just leave it where it is. Now you will be able to talk to your friends inside while you play.

    *NOTE* If you run Windows Vista you will want to close Ventrilo completely, and right click on the link you use to run Ventrilo and click "Run as Administrator". If you do not do this it can cause troubles not being able to talk if Ventrilo is not in the foreground.