This tutorial will walk you through the process of being able to change the codec on a specific channel. Note that this is just for a single channel, doing this will over-ride the server codec setting. If you want to change the server codec you must do that through our Control Panel.

  1. Connect to your server.      (How to connect to your server)

  2. Login as Ventrilo administrator.      (How to login as admin)
  3. Bring up the "Setup Channel - Edit" window
    • A) Left click to select the channel you would like to set the specific codec to. Then right click to bring up the menu.
    • B) Navigate down to the "Channel Admin"
    • C) Click on "Edit"
    Open channel edit window
  4. Change channel codec
    • A) Select which codec format you would like to use. (We -highly- recommend using Speex considering that its the only codec that Mac computers support.)
    • B) Select the quality you would like to use.
    channel setup
  5. Click the OK button
    Once you are finished selecting the codec format and quality then you will want to click the "OK" button. You can repeat this process on the other channels as well.