Creating phantoms will allow you to be able to listen into a channel without actually being present in that channel.
  1. Connect to your server.      (How to connect to your server)

  2. Login as Ventrilo administrator.      (How to login as admin)

  3. Add a phantom to a channel
    • A) Right click on the channel you want to add the phantom to
    • B) Navigate down to "Miscellaneous"
    • C) Click on "Add / Remove Phantom"

    Open channel user editor window
  4. Remove a phantom from a channel
    To remove a phantom repeat the same process to add a Phantom. Although, this time it will remove the phantom instead of adding one on the channel.
  1. Verify Channel Phantom Properties
    • Left click to select the channel you would like to verify that phantoms can be added. Then right click to bring up the menu.
    • Navigate down to the "Channel Admin"
    • Click on "Edit"
    Open channel edit window
    Verify that Allow Phantom is checked
    check phantom channel edit